New York Style Ballet Workout is the unique Ballet Exercise that follows
New York City Ballet Workout program that is developed by New York City Ballet.
From 2011 only Japan Ballet Workout Association follows the exercise program and instructor training.
Reiko Inagaki has been licensed specially by New York City Ballet
as a Master Teacher Trainer for training of New York City Ballet Workout’ s instructor in Japan.
New York Style Ballet Workout is exercise program that is based upon fitness training and regards to safety.
This program can corresponds with no age limits or people who have not experienced any exercises before.

Process of establishment
In 2011 New York City Ballet Workout finished the role of this program in New York.
Master teacher Trainer of New York City Ballet Workout Reiko Inagaki has
become the center of this program and meets other certified instructors of New York City Ballet Workout
who would also like to maintain program and promote and develop this program
established Association for the program.
The name is Japan Ballet Workout Association.
The abbreviation is JBWA .
JBWA is not only maintaining previous New York City Ballet Workout but also developing it.
Please visit another sight in Japanese New York City Ballet Workout.

Chair Ballet Exercises(R)
Chair Ballet Exercises(R) with consist of movements
that can be done while sitting on a chair by elderlies
who have underlying diseases and have limited movements.
This accessible program is combined by two kinds of training.
One is beautiful ballet movement another is admitted evidential for care prevention.

Business Contents
Promotion of ballet workout and Chair Ballet Exercises(R) in Japan
Training and skill up of certified instructors of JBWA
Making of original fundamental training for dance
Ballet workout program for stress management

NYS Ballet Workout Master Teacher Trainer Reiko Inagaki


Chair Ballet Exercise was broadcasted on NHK

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